The Badenhausen Reading Room was formed by a group of dedicated volunteers from Brasher, Stockholm and Lawrence.


Vice President





Laurel Murphy

Donna Kuhn

Michelle Collins

Vickie Derouchie

Trustee Meetings:

January 10th @ 5pm

February 14th @ 5pm

March 14th @ 5pm

April 11th @ 5pm

May 9th @ 5pm

June 13th @ 5pm

July 11th @ 5pm

August 8th @ 5pm

September 12th @ 5pm

October 10th @ 5pm

November 14th @ 5pm

December 12th @ 5pm

How do you become a Badenhausen Reading Room Trustee?

How to become a Board Trustee/ General Qualifications:

Trustees live in Tri-Town area, and have set term limits (these are governed by Board approved Bylaws) Trustees must come to regularly scheduled board meetings and occasional emergency meetings. Trustees also sign an Oath of Office and serve without compensation.

Trustees work to:

1. Advocate for the Library in the community

2. Plan for the future of the Library

3. Monitor and evaluate the Library

4. Set policies

5. Hire and evaluate the Library Director

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, or helping the library in anyway- please consider reaching out to us. You can do so by using the contact page or by attending a meeting. Those interested in becoming a trustee send a letter of interest to the town, the town then appoints trustees. To see what is involved in becoming a trustee, check out this page: