At this time the Reading Room is unable to accept donations of books/DVD’s, etc.

Please do not leave donations in the book drop. Thank you.

When we are able to accept additional donations, we follow this policy set by the Board of Trustees:

Donation Policy of the Badenhausen Reading Room:

The Badenhausen Reading Room welcomes hardcover and paperback books in good condition. We also accept CDs and DVDs. Items may be used to augment the collection, or they may be sold to benefit the reading room . The reading room cannot accept: textbooks (college, high school, ect.) , LP records, audio or video cassettes (VHS tapes), encyclopedias, Readers Digest Condensed books, or books that have been wet or were stored in basements or garages (no mildew or dirt). We cannot accept most books that are more than ten years old. Please examine the books you want to donate. It is difficult to throw books away, but some volumes, because of condition or subject matter, are of no value. 

The reading room  will provide a receipt of donated items upon request. Determination of quantity and value are the responsibility of the donor alone. If you wish to donate more than a couple boxes or bags of books, please call the reading room business center first at (315) 389-5033.

 Thank you for your support of the Badenhausen Reading Room. Donations are welcome and encouraged with the donors agreement and understanding of the following policies and conditions: 

1. Donations of all kinds will be judged by the same criteria that the library applies to the purchase of new materials. The evaluation and disposition of donated materials is the responsibility of staff authorized by the Director. 

2. Donors should speak with staff at the front desk prior to leaving donations. A staff member will quickly sort through the materials to verify that all the materials are clean, mildew-free and in good condition. Any donated materials not satisfying the above conditions will be returned to the donor. 3. Donations are accepted with the understanding that there are no restrictions on the reading room and business center’s right to use the materials in any way it deems fit or necessary. Accordingly, donated materials may be added to the collection, sold, given to or exchanged with other libraries, used in Friends of the Badenhausen Reading Room  book sales to benefit the reading room and business center, or discarded.

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